The WYSIWYG editor now allows editing HUDs, the new Value Input Dialogue allows the player to input values into game variables, the new Turn Order HUD displays the turn order of Turn Based Battles and other small fixes and improvements.

Head to the download page and grab the latest version!




  • Editor: GUI Editor
    The WYSIWYG editor allows editing HUDs.
  • Editor
    Updating events when saving or scanning for game variables in events can optionally only scan within a defind folder in the ‘Assets’ path.
  • Editor: Status Development Curves
    Creating a status development curve can now optionally use a curve instead of interpolation points.
  • Abilities
    ‘Remove Turn’ setting available.
    In ‘Turn Based’ battles, the target of the ability will be forced to skip a turn (if not yet performed).
  • Items
    ‘Turn Based Order Changes’ settings available.
    Like abilities, items can now change the turn order or remove the turn of a target in ‘Turn Based’ battles.
  • Menu Screens: Equipment Part
    Highlighting the ‘Unequip’ button will now also display preview values (for unequipping the equipment part).
  • Status Effects
    ‘End Action’ settings available.
    A status effect can optionally let the combatant perform an action when it ends.
    The action will be performed the next time the combatant can choose an action.
  • Status Effects
    ‘No Turn Order Change’ and ‘No Turn Remove’ settings available.
    Optionally grants immunity to turn order changes and removing a turn using abilities or items.
  • HUDs
    The new ‘Turn Order’ type HUD displays the current turn order of ‘Turn Based’ battles.
  • HUDs: Navigation
    ‘Navigation’ type HUD elements can display a background image.
  • HUDs: Combatant
    ‘Combatant’ type HUD status effect elements now allow adding multiple lables (similar to shortcut elements) to create more complex status effect information.
  • HUDs: Combatant
    ‘Combatant’ type HUD status effect elements can display the remaining time/turns of a status effect using % (without decimals, %1 (with 1 decimal) and %2 (with 2 decimals).
    Remaining turns are always displayed without decimals.
  • HUDs: Tooltip
    ‘Status Effect’ setting available in ‘Tooltip’ type HUDs.
    A tooltip can now be displayed when hovering the mouse above a status effect in a HUD.
  • Combatants
    ‘Not Controllable’ setting available.
    An ‘AI Controlled’ combatant can optionally be set to not controllable by the player.
    The combatant can’t be selected as player using the player change keys.
  • Languages
    ‘Initial Language’ setting available.
    Set a language to be the initially selected language when starting the game.
  • Damage Dealers
    ‘Environmental Damage’ settings available.
    Set a damage dealer to be ‘Always On’ – damage will be dealt without firing an action first.
    You can use this for things like traps, hazardous areas or damage on contact with enemies.
  • Damage Dealers
    ‘Reset Targets’ settings available.
    When using ‘One Time Damage’ or ‘One Target’ you can use this to remove blocked targets after a defined amount of time, enabling additional damage by the damage dealer.
  • GUI Boxes
    ‘Input Field Settings’ available.
    Set spacing and alignment of input fields in dialogues.
  • Event System: Dialogue Steps
    ‘Value Input Dialogue’ step available.
    Displays a dialogue to input string, bool and float values and store them in game variables.
  • Event System: Inventory Steps
    ‘Clear Inventory’ step available.
    Removes everything (money, items, weapons and armors) from an inventory.
  • Event System: Variable Steps
    ‘Clear Game Variables’ step available.
    Removes all game variables (either local, global or object game variables).



  • Abilities
    ‘Turn Based Order Changes’ now also remove already fired actions that haven’t yet been started.
    When using multi-turns, the turn value of the target will be changed instead of the turn order.
  • Reflection
    Call/check functions and check/change field/property exceptions now display the stack trace.



  • Move AI
    ‘Target Position Check’ intervals of 0 now correctly update the target’s position.
  • GUI Boxes
    Selecting the last choice in a menu screen (e.g. equipment) which removes the choice wont cause an error any longer.
  • Event System: Animation Steps
    ‘Legacy Animation’ now set’s the layer and speed of animations correctly.
  • Node Editor
    Adding unconnected nodes with the context menu will now place them correctly when scrolled down.
  • Player Group
    Joining a combatant to the active player group after the player has already been spawned didn’t spawn the new battle group member (requires ‘Spawn Group’ enabled in ‘Game > Game Settings’).