New WYSIWYG editor for GUI boxes, curve movement/rotation event steps and other small fixes and improvements.

Head to the download page and grab the latest version!




  • Editor: GUI Editor
    The new GUI Editor allows editing GUI boxes in a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Editor
    You can open the ORK Framework editor using the hotkey ‘CTRL + ALT + O’.
  • Scene Wizard
    You can open the ORK Scene Wizard using the hotkey ‘CTRL + ALT + W’.
  • Game Controls
    Custom player/camera control scripts can now also be attached to child objects.
  • Game Events
    New event actor type ‘Camera’ available.
    Uses the event’s camera as an actor.
  • Event System: Movement Steps
    ‘Curve Move’ step available.
    Move a game object using curves.
  • Event System: Rotation Steps
    ‘Curve Rotation’ step available.
    Rotate a game object using curves.
  • Event System: Active Group Steps
    ‘Join Active Group’ step allows adding a combatant group to the active player group.
  • Abilities, Items
    ‘Use Screen Combatant’ setting available.
    When using it’s own combatant selection in menus, items and abilities can automatically be used on the current menu user without showing a combatant selection.
  • Main Menu Settings
    ‘Set Start Group’ setting available.
    You can use a Combatant Group as the player group at the start of a new game.



  • GUI Boxes
    The default settings for new GUI boxes have changed.
    The content/name box bounds have changed and the name box is now relative to the content box.



  • Event System
    ‘Use Center’ setting in various steps wont cause objects to disappear when only a single target was used.
  • Battle System
    Combatants dying when initialized (e.g. due to wrong setup, like 0 HP) wont cause an error.
  • Menu Screens
    Hidden group members wont be displayed in ‘Group Menu Parts’ any longer.
  • Damage Dealers
    Using an ability with the last available needed status value (e.g. MP) will no longer fail to activate the damage dealer.
  • Editor: Formulas
    Testing formulas in the editor caused errors in some cases.
  • Status Effects
    ‘Auto Apply’ caused an error in some cases.
  • GUI Box
    The name box will is now displayed at the correct position when not relative to the content box with all anchor types.