07 Hit & Death

In this tutorial we’ll set up hit effects and the enemy’s death animation.

We’ll mostly set up schematics for this. The hit effects are already set up on our combatant prefabs, we’ll just enable them for a short time to play them.

We’ll set up:

  • schematic to animate the enemy’s death
  • schematic handling hit effects
  • tagged machine on player and enemies to play hit effect

Let’s get to it!

Chomper Death Schematic #

First, we’ll set up the death schematic for the chomper (and another enemy).

Navigate to Schematics and start working on a new schematic.

Play Sound #

Add Node > Audio > Audio > Play Sound

We’ll play the Death sound type on the user, i.e. dying combatant (Machine Object).

  • Object (Play On)
    Select Machine Object.
  • Use Sound Type
    Enable this setting.
  • Sound Type
    Select Death.
  • Play One Shot
    Enable this setting.
  • Set Pitch
    Enable this setting.
  • Random Pitch
    Enable this setting.
  • Pitch
    Set to 0.8.
  • Pitch 2
    Set to 1.2.

Combatant Animation #

Add Node > Animation > Combatant > Combatant Animation

We’ll play the combatant’s death animation.

We only wait for a part of the time and store the remaining time – we’ll use the stored time to play a dissoving effect.

  • Object
    Select Machine Object.
  • Animation Type
    Select Death.
  • Wait
    Enable this setting.
  • Normalized Time (Wait)
    Set to 0.3.
  • Store Duration
    Enable this setting.
  • Normalized Time (Store Duration)
    Set to 0.7.
  • Variable Key
    Set to wait.
  • Variable Origin
    Select Local.

Change Color #

Add Node > Animation > Fade > Change Color

Usually this node is used to change colors (e.g. of renderers), but we can also use it to change other properties.

E.g. we’ll now use it to change the _Cutoff property of the material, dissolving our combatant. When changing float properties like this, it’ll only use the alpha value of the color.

  • Color Type
    Select Renderer.
    We’ll change the property of a renderer’s material.
  • Set Property
    Enable this setting.
  • Property Name
    Set to _Cutoff.
  • Is Float
    Enable this setting.
  • Fade
    Select Fade.
  • Wait
    Enable this setting.
  • Time
    Select Variable > Float Variable.
    We’ll use the stored time from the animation.
  • Variable Key
    Set to wait.
  • Variable Origin
    Select Local.
  • Interpolation
    Select Quadratic > Quadratic In.
  • Fade Alpha
    Enable this setting.
  • Start Color
    Select a color with no alpha (i.e. A=0).
  • End Color
    Select a color with full alpha (i.e. A=1 or 255, depending on your color picker).
  • Scope
    Select All In Children.

Calculate Action #

Add Node > Battle > Action Outcome > Calculate Action

This’ll handle the combatant’s actual death.

No further setup needed here.

And that’s it for the schematic. Click on Save Schematic to save it, e.g. as ChomperDeath.

Hit Effect Schematic #

Next, we’ll set up the schematic handling the hit effect. We’ll simply start emiting particles, wait and stop emiting particles.

Create a new schematic.

Emit Particles #

Add Node > Game Object > Component > Emit Particles

This node is used to start or stop emiting particles on a game object (with a particle system).

We’ll use this schematic directly on the game object with our particle effect, so the Machine Object is the game object we need.

  • Emit
    Enable this setting.
  • Stop Before Start
    Enable this setting.
    This makes sure the effect is reset.
  • Object (Target Object)
    Select Machine Object.

Wait #

Add Node > Base > Wait

  • Time
    Select Value > Value.
    Set the value to 0.1.

Emit Particles #

Copy the previous Emit Particles node.

  • Emit
    Disable this setting.

And that’s it for the schematic. Click on Save Schematic to save it, e.g. as HitEffect.

Default Death Animation #

Now that we have our death schematic, we’ll use it as the default death animation for all combatants.

Navigate to Combatants > Combatants > General Settings.

Battle Settings > Default Battle Animations > Death Animation #

Click on Add Battle Animation.

  • Schematic Asset
    Select the ChomperDeath schematic.

Save Changes #

That’s it for the setup in the editor.

Don’t forget to save your changes by clicking on Save Settings at the bottom of the editor.

Updating Prefabs #

We’ll now set up a Tagged Machine on the following prefabs:

  • Ellen Variant
  • Chomper Variant
  • Spitter Variant

You can find the prefabs in Assets/Tutorial Assets/Prefabs/Combatants/.

We’ve already set up the DamageDealerHit schematic to start tagged machines on the target of an attack. It uses the tag hitEffect, i.e. that’s what we also need for our machine’s setup. Learn more about them in this Makinom documentation.

The setup for all prefabs is the same. Open one of them for editing.

Select the GoopSprayEffect child object (it’s named a bit different on each prefab).

Add Tagged Machine #

Add a Tagged Machine component using the component menu.

Start Settings #

Click on Add Starting Tag.

  • Tag
    Set to hitEffect.

Machine Execution Settings #

  • Schematic Asset
    Select the HitEffect schematic.

That’s it for the setup.

Copying it to other prefabs #

You can now simply copy/paste the component to the other prefab’s GoopSprayEffect child objects.

To do this, right-click on the component’s title (Tagged Machine) and select Copy Component in the context menu.

Open the next prefab, find the GoopSprayEffect child object, select it and right-click on any other component’s title, select Paste Component As New – and there’s the set up component.

Repeat that on the last prefab as well.

Testing #

Hit play, let’s spill some goop!

Great, goop (and blood) sprays. Let’s hit some more.

And their death is animated properly.


Next, we’ll set up some HUDs.