New queued notification dialogue type, reorganized event/formula/battle AI steps, massive performance improvements and other new features, changes and fixes.

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Please note that ORK Framework 2.6.0 requires Unity 5.3 or higher. All tutorials have been updated to match the new event/formula/battle AI structure.


  • Unity 5.3
    ORK Framework now requires Unity 5.3.
  • Performance Improvements
    There have been performance improvements throughout the entire framework. Depending on your usage of ORK’s features you’ll benefit more or less from those improvements.
  • Damage Types
    ‘Block’ animation type setting available.
    Defines the animation type that will be played when a combatant blocks an attack.
  • Damage Types
    The different animation type selections are now optional.
    Optionally define if the damage, critical damage, evade and block animation types will be used. Damage, critical damage and evade are enabled by default, block is disabled.
  • Battle Menus
    ‘Reset Selection’ setting available.
    Optionally resets the selection to the 1st menu item each time.
  • Menu Screens: Ability, Ability Tree, Bestiary (Area), Bestiary (Type), Crafting, Inventory, Log, Quest
    ‘All’ type choice settings available.
    Optionally displays an ‘All’ type choice, displaying a merged list of all type menu items (e.g. all items in an ‘Inventory’ menu part).
  • Save Game Menu
    ‘Exit After Save’ settings available.
    Optionally exit the game to the main menu scene after saving – can also display the ‘Exit Question’ dialogue first.
  • Combatant Selections
    ‘Remember Selection’ setting avaiable.
    Optionally remember the last selection made in a combatant selection.
  • Formulas: Combatant Steps
    ‘Random Status Value’ step available.
    Uses a random value between two status values of combatants.
  • Formulas: Value Steps
    ‘As Int’ setting available in ‘Random Value’ steps.
    Optionally uses the random value as integer (i.e. whole number) instead as a float.
  • Weapons, Armors
    ‘Block Equipment Viewer’ settings available.
    Optionally blocks the equipment viewers of selected equipment parts.
    If the viewer of an equipment part is blocked, all ‘Equipment Viewer’ components using that part will not display an equipment.
    This can be used e.g. for cosmetic/fashion equipment, hiding the real eqiupment of the combatant.
  • Menu Settings
    ‘Unlocked Mouse Over’ setting available.
    Optionally only uses ‘Mouse Over Selection’ when the cursor isn’t locked.
    By default enabled.
  • Event System: Dialogue Steps
    ‘Queued Notification’ dialogue type available in ‘Show Dialogue’ steps.
    Displays a message and closes it after time – if another queued notification is displayed, the dialogue will be displayed after all previous queued notifications are closed.
    You can separate notification queues by using different queue keys.
  • Event System: Dialogue Steps
    ‘Title’ settings available when not showing a speaker’s name in ‘Show Dialogue’, ‘Value Input Dialogue’, ‘Quest Choice’ and ‘Teleport Choice’ steps.
    Optionally display a defined title in the name box of the used GUI box.
    You can use the text code ‘%n’ to add the name of a speaker to the title.
  • Event System: Base Steps
    ‘Clear Screen’ setting available in ‘Close Menu Screen’ steps.
    Clearing a menu screen before closing is now optional – this prevents the menu screen from notifying other events and menu screens that opened it.
    By default enabled.
  • Event System: Equipment Steps
    ‘Change Blocked Viewer’ step available.
    Adds or removes equipment viewer blocks to combatants.
    A blocked equipment viewer wont display the equipment of the used equipment part on the combatant’s game object (‘Equipment Viewer’ components).
  • Event System: Base Steps
    ‘Exit Game’ step available.
    Exits the game to the main menu.
    The event ends after this step.


  • Editor: Events
    The event steps have been reorganized and grouped together in sub-categories.
    E.g. you can now find all combatant related steps (abilities, inventory, status, etc.) in the ‘Combatant’ sub-category.
  • Editor: Formulas, Battle AIs
    The formula and battle AI steps have been reorganized and categories renamed.
  • Console, Status Effects
    Auto status effects will no longer display the reapply console text.
    This caused the console to be flooded with status effect texts due to them being reapplied each frame.
  • Event System: Dialogue Steps
    Displaying a ‘Choice’ type dialogue without adding choices will now display a warning in the Unity console.
  • GUI Box
    The content bounds will automatically be adjusted to prevent tabs from overlaying the content.
  • Items: Equipment Part Changes
    The ‘Is Blocked’ setting has been replaced with the ‘Part Change’ selection.
    You can now use the equipment part as an ‘Additional Part’, ‘Blocked Part’ or ‘Blocked Viewer’ to change the equipment parts of a combatant.


  • Weapons, Armors
    Enabling ‘Add Previous Levels’ in random status value bonuses of equipment levels prevented adding previous bonuses instead of adding them.
  • Menu Screens
    Fixed an issue where empty menu screens could throw errors.
  • Menu Screens
    Fixed an issue where changing types using ‘Type Change Keys’ didn’t work correctly when showing the types as tabs.
  • New UI
    Fixed an issue with scroll bars being displayed too far to the right.
  • Editor
    Fixed an issue where the ORK Framework editor couldn’t be opened after starting to play in a scene without a ‘Game Starter’.