Important fixes for issues with the new UI, one new event step and other fixes.

Head to the download page and grab the latest version or buy a copy in the Unity Asset Store!


  • Event System: Battle Steps
    ‘Place Spots On Ground’ step available in ‘Battle > Combatant’ steps.
    Places the battle spots on the ground using the ‘Place On Ground’ settings defined in the ‘Battle Spots’ settings.


  • New UI: Buttons
    ORK will automatically add a ‘Text’ component to a button if no clickable component is attached (e.g. an ‘Image’ component) to ensure the button can be clicked.


  • Scene Wizard
    Fixed an error message when having the scene wizard docked when opening Unity.
  • New UI
    Fixed an issue with text typing of GUI boxes not displaying the content.
  • HUDs: Navigation
    Fixed an issue with the ‘Navigation’ bar HUD not displaying it’s content after it was closed and opened again when using the new UI.
  • HUDs
    Fixed an issue with background and foreground images being missing after a HUD has been updated.
  • Battles
    Fixed an issue where in some cases the battle spots where not placed on the ground when fighting in a different scene (teleport battles).
  • Player/Camera Controls
    Fixed an issue where custom player/camera controsl wheren’t blocked correctly when fighting in a different scene (teleport battles).