ORK 2.25.2 is here with new features, changes and fixes!

Head to the download page and grab the latest version or buy a copy in the Unity Asset Store!

This is only a small release with some needed fixes – please see the release notes for ORK 2.25.0 for all the latest features.

This version is available for Unity 5.6Unity 2017 and Unity 2018/2019. Please note that ORK’s update policy changed – you can learn more about it here.

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  • Event System: Add Loot
    ‘Add Loot’ settings available. Optionally use loot settings (defined in ‘Combatants > Loot’) to add loot to the battle. The player’s level will be used to select the loot table.


  • GUI Layouts: Circle
    The ‘Anchor’ setting now controls where the center of the circle is placed instead of taking the radius into account.


  • Legacy GUI: Input: Slider, Horizontal Buttons
    Fixed an issue where the value text wasn’t displayed.
  • Event System: Change Position
    Fixed an issue where moving a game object over time in multiple running events at the same time could lead to some events not progressing any further.
  • GUI Boxes: Choices
    Fixed an issue where using icon size didn’t adjust the size of choice button icons.
  • Status Previews
    ‘Normal’ type status values using ‘Combined Value’ had a wrong preview value if a (non-combined) status value used in the calculation had a higher ID than the combined value.