Finally, the official release of ORK Framework – starting with version 2.0.0!

Beside being officially released and sold, there are a lot of new features as well: Updates to the ORK Framework editor (a new Game Variable sub-section, navigation history buttons, saving the project), new GUI Layers to organize your GUI box displays, conditional prefabs for combatants, and more!

Head to the download page and grab the latest version!



Changes to the beta version

The official release will have some crucial changes:

  • No DRM System The beta version’s DRM system has been removed. You now don’t need an ORK account to use the Limited or Full version of ORK Framework.
  • Code access to gameplay related code If you own the Full version of ORK Framework, you’ll get access to gameplay related source code. Editor and core functionality remain closed source.

When updating a beta version project, please follow this how-to – you could break your project!




This update will reset the following data:

  • Event Assets: All event assets will lose their script assignment.
  • Project Assets: All ORK project assets will lose their script assignment.
  • Event System: All child object fields have been reset.
  • Control Maps: All shortcut settings have been reset.




  • Editor: Game Variables A new editor section allows adding and searching for game variables. All editor fields to define variables allow selecting variables from a list (press the button next to the variable field). The new section can be found in ‘Editor > Game Variables’.
  • Editor Navigation history buttons available in the sub-section box. You can navigate back and forward in the visited sections, sub-sections and data indexes. Use ‘Home’ and ‘End’ as navigation hot-keys.
  • Editor Saving the project – display of the changing parts changed. Options available to update events, prefabs and scenes.
  • GUI Layers GUI layers are used to organize the order of GUI box displays and to allow filtering GUI boxes in lists. Can be created in Menus > GUI Layers.
  • Combatants ‘Conditional Prefabs’ settings available. Change a combatant’s prefab based on status and variable conditions.
  • Event System ‘Child Object’ setting available in all object selections. You can now use a child object of an actor, waypoint or prefab in all event steps that use objects. This will reset the previous child object settings in some steps.
  • Event System: Movement Steps ‘Check Transform’ step available. Check an object’s position, rotation or scale – each axis (X, Y, Z) can be check individually.
  • Event System: Movement Steps ‘Block Move AI’ step available. Block or unblock the move AI of all combatants.
  • Game Events: Event Settings ‘Block Move AI’ setting available. Blocks the move AI of all combatants while the event performs.
  • Game Events: Event Settings ‘Block Actor Move AI’ setting available. Blocks the move AI of all actors of the event (if they have a combatant) while the event performs.
  • Inventory: Item Collection ‘Show Dialogue’ setting available. The collection dialogue for item collectors is now optional – if disabled, the item will be collected immediately. By default enabled.
  • Shops ‘Music Settings’ available. A shop can play a different music clip while opened. The currently playing clip will resume playback after the shop has been closed.
  • Menu Screens ‘Music Settings’ available. A menu screen can play a different music clip while opened. The currently playing clip will resume playback after the menu screen has been closed.
  • HUDs: Combatant HUDs ‘Set Size’ settings available for status value, attack/defence attribute and defence attribute ID HUD elements. When listing data, you can set optionally the size of the individual items.
  • HUDs: Tooltip HUD An item collector’s item is displayed by tooltip HUDs. Only for ‘Single’ or ‘Random’ collectors.
  • HUDs: Combatant HUDs: ‘Defence Attribute ID’ has additional text codes to display information about the attribute.
  • Control Maps ‘Type’ setting available in control map keys. ‘Action’ uses a battle action, ‘Shortcut’ uses a shortcut slot, ‘Auto Attack’ enables/disables the auto attack. This will reset your ‘Use Shortcut’ setting in all control maps.
  • Control Maps ‘Force Index’ and ‘Reset Index’ settings available for ‘Attack’ action keys. Optionally force a base attack, even if it’s not available due to the attack index. Optionally reset the attack index after using an attack.
  • Battle Settings: Battle Advantage ‘First Phase’ settings available. The group in advantage can perform a defined number of phases before other groups in ‘Phase’ type battles.
  • Battles ‘Defeat on Player Death’ setting available. Optionally end the battle when the player is dead, instead of the whole battle group. By default disabled.
  • Battle Menus Title settings available. Optionally show a title for battle menus.
  • Status Values ‘Level Difference Factor’ settings available for ‘Experience’ type status values. The received experience can optionally depend on the base/class level difference between defeated combatant and the combatant receiving experience.
  • Weapons, Armors ‘Battle Sounds’ settings available. Equipped weapons and armors can override the combatant’s battle sounds. The selected sound types will be overridden.
  • Equipment Viewer ‘Check Object Variables’ setting available. Displaying the equipment can now also depend on object variables.



  • Combatants The prefab settings are now bundled in their own foldout.
  • Battle Texts The experience text is now displayed for each combatant. New text codes for combatant information available.
  • Editor Settings ‘Show Save Changes’ setting removed. The changes will now be displayed every time when saving.
  • Move AI Combatants will try hunting their last targets after finishing a battle action. The target is hunted if the ‘Target Lost Interval’ is used or the target can be detected by the move detection conditions.
  • Battle System/Move AI If a battle system type doesn’t allow using move AI, it’s now blocked from the start (i.e. before start events) until the end (i.e. after end events).
  • GUI Boxes ‘Above Screen Fader’ setting has been removed. Use the new GUI layers to display GUI boxes above or below the screen fader using the ‘Screen Fader’ option in the GUI layer.



  • Editor Closing Unity without closing the ORK Framework editor first wont result in errors when opening Unity again.
  • Abilities Base and counter attacks now use the ability’s combo and reuse settings.
  • Text Editor The data selection popup field is now displayed correctly.
  • Battle System Auto attacks are now working in real time battles.
  • Level Up Bonuses ‘Full Recovery’ of all ‘Consumable’ type status values will now happen after the level up and status value changes, making sure the new values are used.
  • Equipment Parts Initializing a combatant’s equipment parts is now based on the correct class.
  • Editor The ORK Framework editor now also works while having ‘Web Player’ selected as build target.
  • Menu Screens Descriptions are now displayed correctly.
  • Interactions Scene changers, item collectors and other interactions wont start multiple times when using ‘Key Press’ start type and hitting the key multiple times.
  • HUDs ‘Normal’ type status value with ‘Combined Value’ enabled now display the correct value.