Want to have a HP bar above the heads of your combatants? You can place Combatant HUDs at the game object of a combatant.

Combatant HUDs are used to display combatant information. By setting the Combatant Type of the HUD to Individual, the HUD will be displayed at the position of a combatant’s game object. Let’s set up a simple HP bar to be displayed above the heads of all combatants.

Create a new GUI box

First, we’ll need a new GUI box to display the HUD – open the ORK Framework editor, navigate to Menus > GUI Boxes, create a new GUI box and change the following settings.

  • Name
    Set to Individual HUD.
  • Height Adjustment
    Select Auto.

Content Box Settings

  • Bounds
    Set to X=0, Y=0, W=100, H=100.
    When placing a HUD at the position of a game object, the position X=0, Y=0 will be placed at the position of the object.
  • Anchor
    Select Middle Center.
  • Padding
    Set to X=0, Y=0, Z=0, W=0.
  • Show Box
    Disable this setting.

That’s it for the new GUI box.

The individual HUD

Time to set up the HUD – navigate to Menus > HUDs, create a new HUD and change the following settings.

  • Name
    Set to HP Bar.
  • GUI Box
    Select Indvidual HUD.
  • HUD Type
    Select Comatant.
  • Combatant Type
    Select Individual.
  • Path to Child
    Set to HUD.
    We’ll add an empty game object to the prefabs later – this child object will be used for placement.
  • Displayed Groups
    Enable PlayerAlly and Enemy.

Display Conditions

  • In Control, In Battle
    Select Ignore.
  • Shop, In Event, Changing Scene, Game Paused, Blocking Menu Screen
    Select No.

Click on Add Status Element to add a HUD element.

  • Type
    Select Status Value.
  • List
    Disable this setting.
  • Status Value
    Select HP.
  • Use Bar
    Enable this setting.
  • Position
    Set to X=0, Y=0.
  • Anchor
    Select Upper Left.
  • Relative To
    Select Upper Left.
  • Use Last Element
    Disable this setting.
  • Width
    Set to 100.
  • Is Percent (Width)
    Enable this setting.
  • Adjust Width
    Enable this setting.
  • Height
    Set to 5.
  • Is Percent (Height)
    Disable this setting.
  • Adjust Height
    Enable this setting.

And that’s it – click on Save Settings to save the changes.

Updating the prefabs

Finally, we’ll need to add a new child object to all prefabs of our combatants for the HUD to be placed at. If the game object isn’t found, the HUD will be placed at the game object’s position itself (i.e. usually at the feet).

The procedure is the same for all prefabs.


  • Drag the prefab in the scene (the prefabs can be found at Assets/Tutorial Resources/Prefabs/Combatants/).
  • Create a new empty game object using the Unity® menu: Game Object > Create Empty
  • Rename the new game object to HUD and parent it on the prefab by dragging it on the prefab in the scene hierarchy.
  • Change the position to X=0, Y=2.2, Z=0.
  • Apply the changes to the prefab.


Now, all combatants have a HUD bar above their heads.

Tip: Advanced display conditions

The HUD should only be displayed when the combatant’s HP aren’t full? Use a Status Requirement in the HUD’s Display Conditions to check for the HP being less than 100 %.

To only display the HUD for a short amount of time when the combatant received damage, you can use Status Effects. E.g. create a Damaged status effect that ends after a few seconds and is added by all abilities that deal damage. Check for that status effect in the Status Requirements of the HUD.