ORK Framework’s update policy changes with ORK 2.18.0.

Up until now ORK’s update policy was to provide free updates to everyone with a valid license, without any time limitations. This will change with the release of today’s update ORK Framework 2.18.0 due to the costs of providing such a long-time service.

New Update Policy

From now on purchasing a license of ORK Framework grants you access to updates for 1 year – e.g. if you purchased ORK on 2018-05-01, you’ll get free updates until 2019-05-01. Afterwards, there are 2 ways to get further ORK updates:

  • Purchase another license in the Unity Asset Store for 1 year of free updates.
  • Pledge $25 or more on Patreon to gain access to the release versions.

You’re still allowed to use your purchased ORK license in any case, even without getting further updates. You can discuss the update policy changes in the support forum.

Unity Asset Store

Until Unity provides the means to set up yearly subscriptions for asset providers, the yearly update cycle in the Asset Store will be handled as follows.

  • The ORK Framework asset will be deprecated and replaced by a new asset each year (around this time, i.e. End of September).
  • A grace period of 180 days allows everyone who purchased within that time to freely upgrade to the new asset.
  • Everyone who purchased before 180 days of the new asset’s release can contact me to get updates until their free update time runs out.
  • If you’ve purchased your license over a year ago, you need to purchase a new license to get access to the new asset/updates.

Don’t forget to include your Asset Store order/invoice number when contacting me for your updates!


As said, pledging $25 or more on Patreon will grant you access to release versions (i.e. the same versions that are available in the Asset Store). However, getting updates through Patreon still requires you to have a valid license, even if the purchase has been over a year ago.

Updating through Patreon is for people who want to show their extraordinary support or don’t want to purchase another license each year and rather selectively get an update with things they need.