New Unity 5.2 support, use all types of textures (e.g. RenderTexture) and other features and fixes.

Head to the download page and grab the latest version!


  • Unity 5.2
    ORK Framework now requires Unity 5.2.
  • Texture Fields
    All ‘Texture’ selection fields now support all kinds of texture assets (except for mouse cursor texture fields).
    Besides ‘Texture2D’ (default till now), you can e.g. also use ‘RenderTexture’ (rendering a camera to a texture), ‘MovieTexture’.
  • GUI Boxes
    ‘Screen Adjustment’ settings available.
    Optionally adjust the position of the GUI box to fit the content box within the screen space.
    Use this e.g. for tooltip HUDs that follow the mouse cursor.


  • Game Over
    Menu screens will now be closed upon game over.
  • Main Menu
    Background images for the auto save slot selection will now be removed after the override confirmation question.
  • Event System: Status Steps
    The ‘Regenerate’ event step will no longer regenerate status values of dead combatants (unless ‘Revive Dead’ is enabled).