ORK 2.33.0 is here with 31 new features, changes and fixes!

Head to the download page and grab the latest version or buy a copy in the Unity Asset Store!

This update adds status bonus multiplication settings, target changes being able to switch user and target, new event nodes and other new features, changes and fixes.

This version is available for Unity 5.6Unity 2017 and Unity 2018/2019/2020/2021. Please note that ORK’s update policy changed – you can learn more about it here.

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  • Animations: Mecanim
    ‘Use Animator Speed’ setting available when using ‘Fixed’ animation duration. Optionally multiply the fixed duration by the animator’s speed. By default disabled.
  • Status Values: Count To Value
    ‘Smooth Value Bars’ setting available when using ‘Count To Value’. Updates to value bars will look smoother, but increases the HUD update frequency while fading to a new value. Please note that this can have a drastical impact on performance. Use the HUD’s ‘Min Update Timeout’ setting to counter this.
  • Status Bonuses
    ‘Multiply’ setting available when using a ‘Percent Bonus’. Optionally multiply the percent bonus with others instead of adding them. E.g. 50% * 50% = 125% increase instead of 50% + 50% = 100% increase.
  • Abilities, Items: Target Changes
    ‘Switch User/Target’ setting available. Optionally switch user and target for a target change. Allows the target to change the user’s status, contrary to ‘User Changes’ which only have access to the user.
  • Battle Systems
    ‘Escape First’ setting available. Optionally have escape actions perform before other actions.
  • Battle Menus: Sub-Menu Settings
    ‘Block Focus’ setting available when ‘Use Multi Mode’ is enabled. Optionally block focus changes while displaying sub-menus to prevent closing them by clicking (or hover focus changes) on previous menus.
  • Menu Settings: Drag/Drop Settings
    ‘Drag Start Distance’ setting available. Controls when a drag is started when moving the held down cursor.
  • Main Menu Settings: Exit Question
    ‘Quit Application’ setting available. Optionally quit the application instead of returning to the main menu.
  • Combatant Selections
    ‘Battle Sorted’ setting available. Optionally display the combatants battle sorted (when not only displaying the battle group), i.e. first listing battle members, followed by battle reserve and finally the rest of the members.
  • Event System: Load Scene
    ‘Force Field Leader’ setting available. Forces spawning the player group’s field leader when spawning the player. E.g. use this when returning from a teleport battle to make sure the field leader is spawned.
  • Event System: Hide Grid Highlights
    ‘Hide Grid Highlights’ node available in ‘Battle > Grid’ nodes. Hides or shows the battle grid highlights.
  • Event System: Are Grid Highlights Hidden
    ‘Are Grid Highlights Hidden’ node available in ‘Battle > Grid’ nodes. Checks if battle grid highlights are hidden.
  • Event System: Equipment Level Up
    ‘Equipment Level Up’ node available in ‘Combatant > Equipment’ nodes. Increases the level of equipment currently stored in selected data by one.
  • Event System: Ability Level Up
    ‘Ability Level Up’ node available in ‘Combatant > Ability’ nodes. Increases the level of abilities currently stored in selected data by one.
  • Event System: Clear Next Actions
    ‘Clear Next Actions’ node available in ‘Battle > Action’ nodes. Removes all actions scheduled to be used next by a combatant. Next actions can be scheduled by status effects (end action), the ‘Use Battle Action’ node and using the ‘Command’ battle menu item.
  • Combatant Spawners: Combatant Settings
    ‘Use Chance Selection’ setting available when using ‘Spawn Random’. Optionally select the spawned combatant/group based on defined chance values instead of randomly selecting one of them. Similar to the ‘Random Battle Area’ component’s chance selection.


  • Status Values, Status Effects
    Status effect changes for ‘Combined’ status values (‘Normal’ type with ‘Combined Value’ enabled) are now applied after the final combined value has been calculated on status recalculations.
  • Battle End: Loot Dialogues
    Hidden group members no longer display any information (e.g. exp received or level up notifications).
  • GUI Boxes
    Displaying HUD content alongside text will no longer be displayed on additional pages (if the content is split into multiple pages).
  • Editor: Battle Grids
    Improved performance when painting grid cells.


  • Interactions
    Fixed an issue where ‘Autostart’ with ‘In Blocked Control’ enabled could still be prevented from starting.
  • Status Values: Consumable
    Fixed an issue where ‘Consumable’ type status value with death ‘On Maximum’ could lead to instantly killing the combatant when creating although the value should not be set to maximum.
  • Battle AI: In Use Range
    Fixed an issue where using a ‘Custom’ use range didn’t work.
  • Battle Grid Highlights
    Fixed an issue where the ‘For Tooltips’ highlights didn’t revert to the highlights for the current action during the target selection.
  • Grid Cell Types
    Fixed an issue where negative move/action costs could lead to out of memory exceptions/crashes.
  • GUI Boxes: New UI
    Fixed an issue with input fields in Unity 2021.1.
  • GUI Boxes: New UI
    Fixed an issue where buttons could be invisible when fading in GUI boxes and using a button image on a child object of the button.
  • Quantity Selections
    Fixed an issue where never opening the default quantity selection in a new project (‘Menus > Quantity Selections’) could cause errors when it’s used.
  • HUDs: Combatant
    Fixed an issue where changing the player’s battle group (e.g. via the ‘Group’ menu part) could not update the displayed combatants in the HUD when the group members are not spawned in the field.
  • Event System: In Use Range, Grid Move Out Of Range
    Fixed an issue where using a ‘Custom’ use range didn’t work.
  • Event System
    Fixed an issue where an actor’s content information (e.g. in dialogues) could use the wrong game object’s content if multiple are parented on the same game object.