ORK 2.27.1 is here with some bugfixes!

Head to the download page and grab the latest version or buy a copy in the Unity Asset Store!

This is only a small bugfix update – if you want to learn more about the latest features see the release notes of ORK 2.27.0. This version is available for Unity 5.6Unity 2017 and Unity 2018/2019. Please note that ORK’s update policy changed – you can learn more about it here.

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  • Battle End: Loot Dialogues
    ‘Immediate Collection’ setting available in the ‘Battle Outcome’ settings. Defines if the loot dialogue is used for immediate loot collection (set up in the individual battle systems). By default enabled.


  • Component Manager, Game Object Manager
    Fixed an issue where global variable changes didn’t update component/game object states. Object variable changes worked as intended.
  • HUDs: Combatant, Turn Order
    Fixed an issue where using status requirements didn’t show/hide the HUD when the conditions changed.
  • Player Groups
    Fixed an issue where player groups that are not the currently active player group didn’t limit the battle group to the battle group size.
  • GUI Boxes
    Fixed an issue where disabling ‘Cursor Over’ didn’t allow click interactions on interactions that are below the GUI box.
  • Battle End: Loot Dialogues
    Fixed an issue where using immediate collection didn’t show the loot dialogue. This is now based on the new ‘Immedaite Collection’ setting (by default enabled).
  • Menu Screens
    Fixed an issue where menu items that first select the combatant where overruled and used the player combatant instead.
  • Battle Menus
    Fixed an issue where showing a dialogue during target selection without using a target menu didn’t return focus to the (hidden) target menu, blocking target selection.