ORK 2.22.0 is here with new features, changes and fixes!

Head to the download page and grab the latest version or buy a copy in the Unity Asset Store!

This version is available for Unity 5.6Unity 2017 and Unity 2018. Please note that ORK’s update policy changed – you can learn more about it here.

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  • Battle Texts, Status Values, Status Effects, Attack/Defence Attributes: Flying Texts
    You can now set up different flying texts for player, ally and enemy groups. Previous settings will be updated automatically to be displayed for all groups.
  • Text Codes
    New text codes available to display the buy price (‘#buyprice’) and sell price (‘#sellprice’) of a selected item (like ‘#inventory’ to display the quantity currently in the player’s inventory).
  • Game Controls
    ‘Cursor Hold Timeout’ setting available. Defines the time in seconds that has to pass between consecutive cursor moves when the input is received without a break (e.g. holding a key).
  • Input Keys: Unity Input Manager
    ‘Use Raw Axis’ setting available. Optionally use the raw axis value, without smoothing filtering applied (Input.GetAxisRaw). This can be useful for vertical/horizontal inputs used for menus.
  • Game Settings
    ‘Visibility Settings’ available. Define how visibility is checked, either checking the renderer’s visibility to any camera, the position within viewport space of the main camera or by checking the frustum planes of the main camera. Defaults to checking the renderer’s visibility.
  • Game Settings: Bestiary Settings
    ‘Auto Add Entry’ setting available. Optionally only add a new bestiary entry for a combatant if something was learned instead of when encountering them. By default enabled (adding new entries by encountering an enemy).
  • Game Settings: Bestiary Settings
    ‘Notification Settings’ available. Optionally show notifications when a bestiary entry was added, removed, updated or completed.
  • Abilities, Items
    ‘Battle Info Text’ settings available. Optionally override the default battle info texts defined in ‘Battle System > Battle Text’ with custom texts per ability/item.
  • Notifications
    ‘Can Accept’ and ‘Auto Close’ settings available. Notifications can now optionally allow being accepted instead of only closing after a defined time. When allowing to accept the notification, auto closing becomes optional.
  • Notifications
    ‘Block Player Control’, ‘Block Camera Control’, ‘Block Control Maps’ and ‘Block Move AI’ settings available. Optionally block controls and move AI while a notification is displayed.
  • Notifications: AI
    ‘Show Portrait’ settings available in all AI notifications. Optionally show a portrait of the AI behaviour or AI ruleset of the notification.
  • Combatants: Attacks & Abilities
    ‘Menu Ability Types’ settings available. Menu screens and battle menus can limit displaying empty ability types to types that will be available to the combatant based on the combatant/class ability development settings. Define which settings will be used (ability development, ability and ability tree) and add additional ability types to be displayed.
  • Battle Settings: Group/Individual Targets
    ‘Raycast Targeting’ settings available. Optionally select targets using raycasts each frame, e.g. selecting the target the cursor hovers above. Selecting (and removing) can also depend on a defined timeout, e.g. only selecting a target when hovering above it for 1 second.
  • Battle Settings: Group/Individual Targets
    ‘Only Visible’ setting available. Optionally only allow selecting combatants that are visible (based on the ‘Visibility Settings’).
  • Battle Settings: Group/Individual Targets
    ‘Distance Sort’ setting available. Optionally sort available targets for the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ input keys by the distance to the user.
  • Battle Settings: Group/Individual Targets
    ‘Line Of Sight’ settings available. Optionally check if any other objects are between user and available targets.
  • Battle Settings: Group/Individual Targets: Click/Touch Control
    ‘Raycast Distance’ and ‘Layer Mask’ settings available. You can now define the distance and used layer mask of the click/touch input raycast used to determine if a combatant was selected.
  • Active Time Battles
    ‘Pause Cast Time’ settings available. Optionally also pause the cast time of actions when using ‘Pause On Menu’, ‘Pause On Choosing’ or ‘Pause On Action’. Separate settings for all 3 pause options.
  • Battle Menu: Ability, Item
    ‘Show Empty Types’ settings available. Optionally show ability/item types not available to the combatant with inactive choice buttons. Can optionally be limited to the ability types that are and will be available to the combatant based on the ability development settings.
  • Battle AI: Use Killed By
    ‘Use Killed By’ node available in ‘Target’ nodes. Adds the combatant that killed the user to the found targets list. This is only available if the combatant was previously killed by someone in battle.
  • HUDs: Combatant, Turn Order, Latest Turn
    ‘AI Behaviour’ and ‘AI Ruleset’ HUD element types available. Displays the AI behaviours/rulesets of a combatant.
  • HUDs: Combatant, Turn Order, Latest Turn
    ‘Use Object Variables’ setting available for all HUD elements with text. Optionally use the object variables of the combatant instead of global variables for variable text codes.
  • HUDs, Menu Screens
    New text codes available for HUD elements displaying ability/equipment level points. You can now add the remaining value until max level points and min level points, as well as the minimum level points.
  • Menu Screens: Ability
    ‘Only Combatant Types’ setting available when displaying all ability types and using ‘Show Empty Types’. Optionally limit the displayed ability types to the types that are and will be available to the combatant based on the ability development settings.
  • Menu Screens: Sub Menus
    ‘Game Event’ type available. Optionally start a game event using the selected item/equipment/etc. as selected data with the key ‘action’.
  • Menu Screens: Sub Menus
    ‘Block Focus’ setting available when enabling ‘Close Out Of Box Click’. Blocking the focus when a sub menu is open is now optional if it’s closed when clicking somewhere out of the box. By default enabled.
  • Event System: Change Selected Data Name
    ‘Change Selected Data Name’ node available in ‘Event > Selected Data’ nodes. Changes or resets the name of selected data, currently supports combatants, abilities, equipment, items, AI behaviours/rulesets and crafting recipes.
  • Event System: Store Selected Data Name
    ‘Store Selected Data Name’ node available in ‘Event > Selected Data’ nodes. Stores the name of selected data, currently supports combatants, abilities, equipment, items and other shortcuts.
  • Event System: Dialogue Nodes
    ‘Lock Focus’ setting available in different dialogue nodes. Optionally lock the focus on the newly opened GUI box.
  • Event System: Is Visible
    ‘Is Visible’ node available in ‘Game Object > Renderer’ nodes. Checks if a game object is visible.
  • Event System: Curve Move
    ‘Move Time’ settings available. Optionally define a time in seconds used to perform the curve move. The curves will be scaled by the time, using the highest curve time as base.
  • Event System: Curve Move
    ‘Multiply By’ settings available for the X, Y and Z axis settings. Multiplies the curve’s value by the defined value (e.g. a distance stored in a game variable).
  • Event System: Set Killed By
    ‘Set Killed By’ node available in ‘Battle > Combatant’ nodes. Mark that a combatant has been killed by another combatant.
  • Event System: Select Combatant
    ‘Combatant Origin’ settings available. Select if the combatant itself or e.g. the combatant’s last target is used.
  • Interactions: Drop
    ‘Drop Type’ settings available. Drop interactions now also support abilities.


  • Event System: Raycast Object, Raycast To Variable
    ‘Use Mouse Input’ setting is now available when ‘Use Input’ is enabled. Previously, using input always used the mouse/cursor position. Old settings will automatically update to using the mouse position when using input.
  • Event System: Set Attacked By, Change Last Target
    These nodes are now available in all event types.
  • Editor: About
    The version now also displays which Unity version it is intended for (i.e. Unity 5.6, Unity 2017 or Unity 2018).
  • Interactions: Drop
    The interaction will now also be started when dropping more than the required item quantity on it.


  • Event System: Call Menu Screen
    Fixed an issue that prevented the event from continuing when not using ‘Wait’.
  • Event System: Distance To Variable
    Fixed an issue that calculated the wrong distance when not using ‘Use Grid Distance’.
  • Grid Settings: Grid Examine
    Fixed an issue where using the grid examine command could cause errors when showing the grid move range.
  • Weapons, Armors: Equipment Abilities
    Fixed an issue where multiple abilities from the same equipment where not added when equipped.
  • Battle End: Editor
    Fixed an issue where disabling ‘Show Gains’ in the ‘Victory Gain Notification’ caused all following settings to be hidden.
  • Battle End Events: Collect Battle Gains
    Fixed an issue where using the ‘Wait’ setting could prevent the event from progressing when there where not victory gain dialogues displayed.
  • Bestiary
    Fixed an issue where ‘Attacked By’ didn’t learn anything about the attacking enemy.