Small update with grid formation nodes for formulas and other new features, changes and fixes.

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This version is available for both Unity 5.6 and Unity 2017.1.

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  • Formulas: In Grid Formation
    ‘In Grid Formation’ node available in ‘Grid Formation’ nodes. Checks if a combatant’s group currently is in any or a defined grid formation, or checks if a combatant is part of a formation.
  • Formulas: Is Grid Formation Leader
    ‘Is Grid Formation Leader’ node available in ‘Grid Formation’ nodes. Checks if a combatant is the leader of a grid formation.
  • Formulas: In Grid Formation Position
    ‘In Grid Formation Position’ node available in ‘Grid Formation’ nodes. Checks if a combatant is on the assigned grid formation position cell.
  • Formulas: Grid Formation Finished
    ‘Grid Formation Finished’ node available in ‘Grid Formation’ nodes. Checks if a combatant group’s grid formation is finished (i.e. all positions reached).
  • Formulas: Grid Formation Possible
    ‘Grid Formation Possible’ node available in ‘Grid Formation’ nodes. Checks if a combatant group’s formation is possible or a defined grid formation is possible at a combatant’s cell.
  • Abilities: Hit Chance
    ‘For User Change’ setting available when using a hit chance. Optionally only use the user changes when passing a hit chance test. If disabled, the user changes will always be used (current behaviour). By default disabled.
  • Abilities, Items: Status Value Changes
    ‘Change In’ setting available for all status value change settings (e.g. in target changes). Optionally change the status value in percent instead of the defined value (or formula result).
  • Battle Texts: Remove Status Effect Notification
    ‘Show End With Battle’ and ‘Show End On Death’ settings available. Showing remove notifications for status effects that end with the battle or the combatant’s death are now optional. By default enabled (showing the notifications).
  • Battle Range Templates: Grid Shape
    ‘Add Occupied Cells’ setting available. Adding occupied cells (i.e. with a combatant on them) is now optional. Also available in all custom ranges and grid shapes. E.g. use this for an ability targeting a grid cell to only allow selecting empty cells.
  • Menu Settings: New UI
    ‘Use Pointer Over’ setting available when using the new UI. Optionally use the ‘IsPointerOverGameObject’ function from the UI ‘EventSystem’ in addition to ORK’s GUI box checks when checking if the cursor is over a UI part. Use this to have custom UI game objects also be considered for the cursor over checks.
  • Event System: Compare Status Value
    ‘Compare Status Value’ node available in ‘Combatant > Status’ nodes. Checks the status value of combatants against each other. E.g. check if a combatant has less HP than another.
  • Battle Events: No Use Costs
    ‘No Use Costs’ node available in ‘Battle > Action’ nodes. Sets the action’s use costs to already be consumed.
  • Battle Events: Set Attacked By
    ‘Change Type’ setting available. You can now also remove, set or clear the attacked by list of the combatant.
  • Scripting: GUI Handler
    ‘ForceCursorOver’ bool attribute available to optionally force the cursor over UI state.


  • Battle AI, Event System: In Grid Formation Position
    The formation leader is now always in formation position instead of resulting in a failed check.
  • Status Effects
    ‘Set Every (s)’ setting is now a float value selection, e.g. allowing formulas for time calculations.
  • Status Previews
    The critical chance of a previewed ability will be 0 if the hit chance has no chance of hitting.


  • Battles
    Fixed an issue where killing or removing a combatant from battle in a grid cell event or turn start event (i.e. while starting a combatant’s turn) still opened the combatant’s battle menu.
  • Status Effects
    Fixed an issue where removing a status effect due to duration could lead to effects being skipped when updating durations.
  • Shops
    Buy/sell price modifiers are now updated when changing the shop’s user.
  • Status Effects
    Fixed an issue where ‘Attack Allies’ in some cases didn’t work correctly, attacking the last targets instead of allies.