New settings to replace standard Unity functionality (e.g. game object instantiation), updates to the battle AI, grid battles, HUDs and other new features, changes and fixes.

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This version is available for both Unity 5.6 and Unity 2017.1.

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Please note that the ORK-Makinom Connection plugin has also been updated.


  • Game Settings: Unity Wrapper
    ‘Unity Wrapper’ settings available. Optionally replace standard Unity functionality with custom function calls. Currently supports instantiating game objects, destroying game objects and loading scenes.
  • Formulas: Status Value, Random Status Value
    ‘Whole Group’ settings available. Optionally use the status value from the members of the combatant’s group instead of only the combatant. The values of the individual combatants can be used in different ways, e.g. using the average value or adding them all together.
  • Status Values, HUDs: Value Bars
    ‘Images Per Icon’ setting available when displaying a value bar as icons. Optionally use the defined images per icon, i.e. the ‘Percent’ setting is used based on the icon value of each individual icon.
  • Combatants: Game Event Settings
    Set up game events that are automatically started upon certain conditions, e.g. when first initializing the combatant.
  • Combatants
    ‘%n’ text code available in the combatant’s description. Displays the combatant’s current name (e.g. after changing it using a ‘Set Combatant Name’ node.
  • Battle Settings: Target Information Dialogue
    You can now add multiple target information dialogues.
  • Battle End
    ‘Use Level Up Box’ settings available. Optionally use a different GUI box for displaying level up texts.
  • Battle AI: Grid Move
    ‘Avoid Enemies’ and ‘Avoid Allies’ settings available. Optionally block cells around enemy or ally combatants when searching for a path to the target. The cells can be defined as distance, battle range template or a custom grid shape.
  • Battle AI: Grid Move
    ‘Target Cells’ settings available. Define which cells around a target combatant are available as move target cell. The cells can be defined as distance, battle range template or custom grid shape. This replaces the previous ‘Stop Distance’ setting.
  • Battle AI: Grid Move
    ‘In Move Range’ setting available. Optionally limit movement to targets within move range.
  • Battle AI: Get Status Value, Get Attack Attribute, Get Defence Attribute
    ‘Get All Matching’ setting available. Optionally use all combatants that match the highest/lowest found value. Otherwise only the first combatant is used.
  • Battle Range Templates: Grid Shape
    ‘Block Diagonal Distance 1’ setting available for ‘Range’ and ‘Ring’ shape types. Optionally use a diagonal distance of 2 in square grids using ‘Diagonal Distance 1’.
  • Grid Battles: Move Command
    ‘Mark Target Cell’ setting available. Marking the selected target cell for the move command user is now optional. A marked cell isn’t available for other combatants to move on. By default enabled.
  • Grid Battles: Examine Grid
    ‘Only Player Phase’ setting available when using ‘Always Active’ examine. Optionally only use always active grid examination during the player’s phase in ‘Phase’ battles.
  • Grid Battles: Examine Grid
    ‘Use User’ setting available in the ‘Combatant Info Box’ settings. Optionally use the user of the grid examination when showing a combatant info box instead of the combatant of a selected cell.
  • Grid Battles: Examine Grid
    ‘Hide For User’ setting available in the ‘Combatant Info Box’ settings. Optionally hide the combatant info box when examining the user of the grid examination.
  • Grid Battles: Examine Grid
    ‘Toggle Key’ settings available in ‘Cell Info Text’ settings. Optionally use an input key to toggle cell info boxes on and off.
  • Grid Cell Types
    ‘Editor Prefab’ setting available. Optionally use a different prefab when displaying a grid cell type in the editor (not while playing).
  • Grid Cell Types, Battle Grid Components: Deployment
    ‘Deploy Requirements’ settings available in grid cell types and individual battle grid cells (in the scene). Optionally use status requirements and variable conditions to determine if a combatant can be deployed on a grid cell.
  • HUDs: Combatant, Turn Order, Latest Turn
    New text codes available in ‘Action Time’, ‘Cast Time’, ‘Delay Time’, ‘Grid Move Range’, ‘Inventory Limit’, ‘Timebar’ and ‘Status Value’ HUD element types. Use ‘%p’ to display the current value in percent. The format can be defined in the new ‘Percent Format’ setting (e.g. ‘0.0’ for a number with 1 decimal).
  • Menu Screens, Shop Layouts: Combatant
    ‘Show Choice Icon’ setting available in the ‘Combatant’ menu part and ‘User Info Box’ in shop layouts. Optionally show the choice icon on the button of the current menu/shop user.
  • Event System: Select Combatant
    ‘Requirements’ settings available. Optionally use status requirements and variable conditions to determine if a combatant will be selected (e.g. only select dead combatants).
  • Battle Events: Stop Battle Actions
    ‘Stop All’ setting available. Stopping all performing actions is now optional, i.e. you can define which combatant will stop performing an action.


  • Menu Screens: Open/Close Game Events
    The menu user is now used as the ‘Starting Object’. If the menu user isn’t set, the leader of the player group (usually the player) will be used.
  • Control Maps: Action
    Items or abilities with a ‘None’ target range will no longer be blocked when using ‘No Target Selection’ in a control key.
  • Battle End
    Hidden abilities will no longer be displayed in battle end and level up texts when being learned.
  • Battle End
    Hidden status values will no longer be displayed in battle end and level up texts.
  • Battle End
    Hidden items will no longer be displayed in battle end texts.
  • Controls
    Resetting controls (e.g. when returning to the main menu scene) will now also forward control block changes to event listeners (e.g. the ORK-Makinom Connection plugin).
  • Battle AI: Grid Move
    The ‘Stop Distance’ setting has been replaced by the ‘Target Cells’ settings. A stop distance greather than 1 is now handled by a ‘Ring’ grid shape with the same range. Previous settings will be updated accordingly.
  • Grid Battles: Examine Grid
    ‘Always Active’ grid examination is no longer active during phase change events in ‘Phase’ battles.
  • Grid Battles
    Improved performance during cell selections, especially in larger grids.
  • Real Time Battles
    AI controlled combatants will no longer progress their turns when out of AI range.
  • Battle Grid
    Painting on a battle grid is now blocked while holding down ‘ALT’ or ‘Shift’.
  • Menus: Combatant
    HUD elements in ‘Combatant’ menu parts can now receive drag and drop (e.g. to assign shortcuts in a ‘Shortcut’ element).
  • New UI: Buttons
    Accepting/canceling a choice or dialogue will now fire the ‘OnClick’ event of the used prefab’s ‘Button’ component on the selected choice or the ok/cancel buttons. This only happens when accepting/canceling via input keys, not via click/touch (as that already fires ‘OnClick’).


  • GUI Boxes: Ok/Cancel Buttons
    Fixed an issue where using a custom skin for the ok/cancel buttons wasn’t used when using the legacy GUI.
  • GUI Boxes
    Fixed an issue that could lead to the name box having the wrong size when using the new UI and the same prefab for content box and name box.
  • Editor
    Fixed an issue where only the default ORK project could be loaded.
  • Event System: Equipment Fork
    Fixed an issue that caused errors when displaying the settings of an ‘Equipment Fork’ node in the editor.
  • Save Games: Logs
    Fixed an issue while loading logs.
  • Save Games: Equipment
    Fixed an issue where equipment blocking other equipment viewers where shown after loading the game.
  • Battle AI: Grid Move
    Fixed an issue where the ‘Stop Distance’ ignored the ‘Block Diagonal Distance 1’ setting.
  • Camera Controls
    Having one of the built-in camera control components manually attached to a scene’s camera didn’t register them with ORK’s control blocks.
  • Shop Layouts: List Box
    Fixed an issue where ‘Auto Select Item’ wasn’t used when ‘Auto Select Type’ wasn’t enabled.
  • Menu Screens, Battle Menus: Dragging
    Fixed a general issue with dragging (without enabling click-drag) that could result in a drag not stopping when releasing the mouse button.
  • Collision Camera
    Fixed an issue where the collision camera resets to a wrong position after a camera change.
  • Defence Attributes, Combatants
    Fixed an issue where removing a defence attribute could lead to not removing a defence attribute selection in the combatant’s settings.
  • HUDs: Combatant, Turn Order, Latest Turn
    Fixed an issue where toggling the HUD off and on resulted in the HUD no longer being udpated.
  • Phase Battles
    Fixed an issue where ending the phase after selecting a combatant without choosing an action could result in the combatant not being able to perform actions in future phases.
  • Global Events
    Fixed an issue where global events ignored the ‘Blocking Event’ setting of the used game event.
  • Abilities, Items: Target Requirements
    Fixed an issue where object variable requirements of a combatant didn’t work when the object variables where added as an ‘Object Variables’ component instead of set up in the combatant’s settings.
  • Save Games
    Dead player group members are now spawned when loading the game.
  • Main Menu
    Fixed an issue where the main menu isn’t automatically called when using ‘Additive’ scene loading.
  • Status Values: Normal
    Fixed an issue where using the ‘Combined Value’ setting for the maximum status value of a ‘Consumable’ type status value (e.g. ‘Max HP’) would lead to instant death of a combatant.