Small update with some new features, changes and fixes.

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Don’t forget to check out the massive list of features in the latest major release ORK Framework 2.13.0!


  • Grid Highlights: Combatant Selections
    ‘UI Hides Selections’ setting available in ‘Combatant Selections’ grid highlights. Optionally hide combatant selection highlights when the cursor is over a GUI box (e.g. a HUD).
  • Shortcut Settings
    ‘Keep Unavailable’ setting available. Keep shortcuts that are currently unavailable.
    A shortcut becomes unavailable if the underlying item or action is no longer available, e.g. after equipping a weapon or using the last item of that kind.
    If disabled, these shortcuts will be overridden or removed.
  • HUDs: Combatant
    ‘Reverse Cursor Over’ setting available for ‘Individual’ combatant HUDs with ‘Cursor Over’ enabled. Only displays the HUD when the cursor is not over the combatant’s game object.
  • Target Information Display
    The title now supports text codes for hit chance (‘%hit’) and critical chance (‘%crit’).
  • Event System: Add Console Line
    ‘Variable Origin’ settings available. Select the origin of variables that will be used in the console text.


  • Portrait Positions
    ‘Vertical Scale’ setting has been replaced by ‘Portrait Scale’ selection. Now supports ‘None’ scale, ‘Horizontal’ scale (scaling based on screen width) and ‘Vertical’ scale (scaling based on screen height).
  • Combatants: Individual HUDs
    If a combatant’s renderer is disabled or removed, the individual HUD will try to find a new renderer for checking if the combatant is visible. E.g. used when using UMA for your combatant’s prefab.
  • Loot
    Loot tables can now have overlapping level ranges.


  • Weapons
    Fixed an issue where loading a save game didn’t use the weapon’s attack/counter overrides.
  • Shortcuts
    Fixed an issue where save games didn’t save ‘Attack’ and ‘Counter Attack’ shortcuts not using the ability shortcut.
  • Shortcuts
    Fixed an issue where default shortcut assignments didn’t work correctly.