New mouse and touch input keys and updates to HUDs, Menu Screens, Formulas and the Event System, use bestiary information in Battle AI and other updates and fixes.

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  • HUDs: Combatant, Turn Order
    ‘Click Action’ settings available for ‘Combatant’ and ‘Turn Order’ HUD elements.
    Clicking on a HUD element can optionally call a menu screen, change the current menu/shop user, change the player or select a target.
    Also works in menu screens and shops.
  • HUDs: Combatant, Turn Order
    ‘%c’ text code available for ‘Status Value’, ‘Attack Attribute’ and ‘Defence Attribute’ elements.
    Displays the change between the current and preview value of a status value or attack/defence attribute.
  • HUDs
    ‘Expand Bounds’ setting available for HUD element background images.
    The element’s display bounds will be increased when the image bounds exceed them.
  • HUDs
    ‘Start Toggle State’ setting available when using a ‘Toggle Key’.
    Defines if the HUD is toggled on or off at the start of the game.
    When using ‘Only While Key’, the display state is inversed, i.e. the HUD will be hidden when the input key is valid.
    By default enabled (i.e. toggled on).
  • Menu Screens: Ability, Inventory, Ability Tree, Status Value Upgrade
    ‘Don’t Return’ setting available when using ‘Close After Use’.
    The menu screen wont return to a previously opened menu screen when closing after use.
  • Menu Screens: Ability, Inventory
    ‘Animate Use’ setting available.
    Defines if using an item/ability in a menu screen will be animated, i.e. using it’s battle events.
    By default enabled.
  • Menu Screens: Combatant
    ‘Show Ok Button’ and ‘Show Cancel Button’ settings available.
    Optionally show the ‘Ok’/’Cancel’ buttons of the GUI box.
    The ‘Ok’ button can change to the next page when using ‘Accept Next Page’, the ‘Cancel’ button can close the menu screen.
  • Battle System
    ‘Defend First’ setting available in all battle system types.
    The defend command will optionally perform before other actions.
    Doesn’t take already performing actions into account.
  • Battle System
    ‘Auto Close’ settings available when showing battle gains immediately.
    Optionally automatically closes the battle gains dialogue after a defined amount of time.
    Available in all battle systems.
  • Battle End Events: Battle Steps
    ‘Auto Close’ settings available in the ‘Collect Battle Gains’ step.
    Optionally automatically closes the battle gains dialogue after a defined amount of time.
  • Input Keys
    ‘Mouse’ and ‘Touch’ input origin settings available.
    Use mouse button clicks or touch input as input keys (can’t be used as axis).
  • Game Variables
    ‘Approximately’ check type available for float game variable checks.
    The check is valid if the current value of the game variable is similar to a defined value.
    Uses the Mathf.Approximately function for the check.
  • Game Variables
    ‘Range Inclusive’, ‘Range Exclusive’ and ‘Approximately’ check types available for Vector3 distance checks.
  • Event System: Check Steps
    ‘Check Value’ step available.
    Checks a value with another defined value, e.g. check if the result of a formula is within a defined range.
  • Event System: Movement Steps
    ‘Range Inclusive’, ‘Range Exclusive’ and ‘Approximately’ check types available in ‘Check Distance’ and ‘Check Transform’ steps.
  • Event System: Rotation Steps
    ‘Range Inclusive’, ‘Range Exclusive’ and ‘Approximately’ check types available in ‘Check Angle’ steps.
  • Event System: Faction Steps
    ‘Range Inclusive’, ‘Range Exclusive’ and ‘Approximately’ check types available in ‘Check Faction Sympathy’ steps.
  • Formulas: Check Steps
    ‘Range Inclusive’, ‘Range Exclusive’ and ‘Approximately’ check types available in ‘Check Formula Value’ steps.
  • Formulas: Position Steps
    ‘Range Inclusive’, ‘Range Exclusive’ and ‘Approximately’ check types available in ‘Check Distance’ and ‘Check Angle’ steps.
  • Game Settings: Bestiary
    ‘Use in Battle AI’ setting available.
    Uses bestiary knowledge when a player combatant does status checks on enemy combatants in a battle AI.
    A status check fails if the informatin is not known to the player.
  • Battle AI: Status Steps
    ‘Force Knowledge’ setting available for ‘Check Status’, ‘Get Status Value’, ‘Get Attack Attribute’ and ‘Get Defence Attribute’ steps.
    Optionally forces player combatants to have full knowledge about an enemy’s status.
  • Battle AI: Position Steps
    ‘Range Inclusive’, ‘Range Exclusive’ and ‘Approximately’ check types available in ‘Check Distance’ and ‘Check Angle’ steps.
  • Status Requirements
    ‘Combatant’ requirement available.
    Status requirements can now check if a combatant is a selected combatant or not.
  • Editor
    ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button available for help texts.
    Copies the current help text to the system clipboard.



  • Text Formats
    The minimum value the ‘Font Size’ can be set to is now 0 instead of 1.



  • Menu Screens: Equipment
    Changing between equipment with status value bonuses and status requirements will now correctly refresh the equipment list.
  • Menu Screens: Ability, Equipment, Inventory
    Sub menus can now also be used on inactive choices (e.g. unequipable equipment, not useable items).
  • Menu Screens: Ability, Inventory
    ‘Close After Use’ now correctly closes the menu screen when using ‘Use Screen Combatant’ in the menu screen or item.
  • Menu Screens
    Selecting a choice via click will now correctly update the description when displaying a combatant choice.
  • Menu Screens
    ‘Description’ menu part updates could cause menu screens to not fully close, blocking the game.
  • Status Values
    Using a combined status value as another value’s maximum value could lead to limiting it before the real maximum value has been calculated.
  • Status Effects
    ‘Auto Attack’ and ‘Attack Allies’ will now correctly perform actions.
  • Battle System
    Using ‘Leave on Death’ on player combatants could lead to errors upon losing a battle (when no combatant was left in the player group, i.e. no player).