New Continue button in the main menu, Weapon and Armor status requirements, additional Font setting in text formats and an update to Experience type status values, and some fixes.

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  • Main Menu
    ‘Continue Button’ settings available.
    Loads the last saved game. Requires the save games to be saved with this version to find the latest save game.
  • Main Menu
    ‘Hide Inactive’ setting available for the load button.
    The load button wont be displayed if no save games are available.
  • Status Requirements
    ‘Weapon’ and ‘Armor’ requirements available.
    Status requirements can now check if a selected weapon or armor is equipped or not equipped on a combatant.
    Available throughout the framework.
  • Text Format
    ‘Font’ setting available.
    You can now optionally set the font in the text format settings throughout the framework.
  • Status Values
    ‘Init to Level’ setting available for ‘Experience’ type status values.
    The experience status value will be initialized to the value according to the combatant’s level and status development.
    By default enabled.



  • Status Values
    ‘Experience Type’ setting replaces ‘Level Up’ and ‘Class Level Up’ settings for ‘Experience’ type status values.
  • Status Values
    ‘Experience’ type status values that don’t level up (i.e. ‘Experience Type’ set to ‘None’) will now use the status value’s minimum value as minimum value.
    Level up type values will still use the previous level’s value as minimum value.



  • Battle Settings: Auto Join
    Joining a running battle was possible when the battle already ended, leading to the joining combatants being removed.
  • Equipment Viewer
    Using the ‘Add Combatant’ component with ‘Equipment Viewers’ could lead to not displaying equipment if the combatant was initialized after the equipment viewer.
  • Status Values
    Having a ‘Consumable’ type status value above it’s maximum status value (i.e. with a lower index) could lead to initialization to a wrong value.
  • Active Time Battles
    Using ‘Pause on Menu’ with AI controlled player group members wont stop the battle any longer after an AI action.
  • Battle System
    ‘Death’ actions and loot collection now works again when not using ‘Death Immediately’.
  • Editor
    The ‘Console Settings’ sub-section is working again.