Makinom is now available for free – learn more about this and other news!

As of today, the free test version of Makinom becomes unlimited. This means there’s no feature limitation, no watermark, no limit on data you can create or play-time in the running game. Makinom is free, and you can also use it in your commercial projects!

That’s why this version is now called Makinom Free. Since it’s free.

The paid version of Makinom is still available and now called Makinom Pro. The difference between both versions being the gameplay source code that’s only included in the Pro version. Also, Makinom Pro is from now on available for only $35 in the Unity Asset Store.

Makinom Free is available in the the Unity Asset Store, check out the version comparison here.

Wait … but why?

That’s a good question, and it’s a bit hard to answer. Generally, I’d like as many people as possible to enjoy making games, even if they don’t know how to write code, or not enough to make their dream come true. That’s why I’ve created my game dev tools for Unity, and why I’ve been doing this since 2010.

Digging a bit deeper, it’s something I’ve been considering and struggling with for some time now. Providing free updates, tutorials and support for Makinom and ORK Framework is a full-time job, however my salery (coming from sales) doesn’t provide me with a stable, full-time income. This is mainly due to selling you my products once and providing free updates and support for years.

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love doing this job, and I want to continue doing it! That’s why I’ve decided to take this road and hope for your support.

Thank you!

If you like and use my products and enjoy the free updates and support I’m providing, I’d be honored if you’d buy a license (or more). Or if you want to do more, consider becoming a patron and pledge to give me a small (or big) amount of money each month. Every little bit helps, and you won’t go unrewarded, as you can gain access to things like feature polls and beta versions!

Anyway, I’m quite proud of the level of support I was able to give and the community that formed around my tools, and I’m really thankful for everyone who’s been supporting (and buying) my products so far, and especially for those of you who engaged me for commissional work to add new features for everyone!

So … thank you, everyone!