Introducing a new product: Makinom – a game development tool for Unity.


What is Makinom?

Well, to put it short, it’s a game development tool for Unity, based on ORK’s event system on steroids.
You can use Makinom to create any kind of game genre, like FPS, adventures, jump’n’runs, beat’em’ups, arcade shooters and many more.

You’ll create your game mechanics with Schematics – node based, flow chart like blueprints for what you want to do. And you’ll bring your game to life with Machines – components that play your schematics.

You can find more information about Makinom in general here.

Learn using Makinom

Browse the tutorials to learn using Makinom. I’d recommend going through some of the basic how-tosand doing one of the game tutorial series, e.g. the Space Shooter.

Get Makinom

Download the free test version of Makinom here.
It’ll (hopefully) be available in the Unity Asset Store soon for $35 (-30% early access price).