Grid Battles – Part 1: Basic Setup

Learn how to add a turn based grid battle in this short gameplay tutorial series.

Weapon Upgrade NPC

Use the Selected Data feature to create custom equipment upgrade systems.

Nearest Battle

Using Battle components to define battle locations for unplaced battles.

Actions Per Turn

Give a combatant and additional action per turn by using a status effect.

Individual Combatant HUDs

Want to have a HP bar above the heads of your combatants? You can place Combatant HUDs at the game object of a combatant.

Removing Walls

A wall is hiding a secret passage in a dungeon? Remove it when flipping a switch using the Event System.

Harvesting items

Allow your player to harvest natural resources (e.g. chop wood) using the Event System.

Attack/Defence Status Effects

Add a poisoned weapon using Attack Status Effects, or a toxic enemy using Defence Status Effects.

Equipment Durability

Weapons and armors can optionally wear off, using Equipment Durability.

Navigation Bar

You can let your player know what’s around him with a navigation bar.