Download the free test version of ORK Framework – or purchase the full version!

The latest version is ORK Framework 2.34.0.

ORK Framework requires at least Unity® 5.6. Get Unity for free at! The free test version contains separate unitypackage files for Unity 5.6, Unity 2017 and Unity 2018/2019/2020.

Version Comparison

See the feature comparison between the free test version and the full version of ORK Framework.

Please note that ORK Framework requires one licence per seat. Purchasing a license of ORK Framework grants you access to updates for 1 year, for details, see below in the Update Policy section.

 Free Test VersionFull Version
All Features
All ORK Framework features are included.
There are no per-title fees.
You don't have to pay royalties or revenue share.
All platforms
All supported platforms can be targeted.
No Watermark
The free test version displays an ORK Framework logo watermark.
Unlimited Data
You can create unlimited game data.
The free test version has a data limit.
E.g. you can only create 2 languages and 10 input keys.
Code Access
Includes gameplay related source code.
Commercial Use
You are allowed to sell your products created using ORK Framework.
Free Download
$100 Asset Store

All prices excluding VAT.

Update Policy

See details to ORK Framework’s update policy here.

Commissional Work

You need additional services? I’m available for commissional work to help you creating your project!

Feature Implementations

You need a special feature included in ORK Framework? Beside doing a feature request, you can also contact me for commissional work. There are 2 types of feature implementations available:

  • Exclusive Feature
    You are the only one getting the feature, but it’d be only for a specific version of the framework (i.e. the current version at that time).
    Updates to higher versions would require additional work/costs.
  • Public Feature
    Everyone gets the feature through the normal update cycle of ORK Framework.
    The feature will be updated and maintained with the rest of the framework.

In both cases, you’d get early access beta versions of the features to test and see what needs to be changed.

Also, you can do a group buy on features and team up with others to share the costs – see this thread in the Community forum for details.

Project Support

You need help creating your project with ORK Framework or need custom tools or scripts? Contact me for commissional work to help you with your project – this can include (but is not limited to):

  • setting up your status system
  • creating events (e.g. battle events for your abilities)
  • setting up ORK scene components (e.g. battles or combatant spawners)
  • setting up your UI in ORK Framework (GUI boxes, menu screens, HUDs, …)
  • writing custom editor tools to speed up your work
  • writing plugins/bridges to 3rd party products

It’s best if you already have some kind of design document or description of what you need before contacting me. The more detailed, the better I can estimate the costs.