Download ORK Framework

Download the latest release ORK Framework 2.5.2.

Requires Unity® 5.1 to work.


Access information

There are two types of licences:

  • Limited: Free
    Free and available to everyone.
    Limited in terms of creating game data (e.g. you can only create 10 combatants).
    The limited version displays a watermark at the upper left corner of the screen.
    No source code access.
    Doesn’t allow distribution (i.e. releasing or publishing) your project.

  • Full: EUR 80,-
    No limitations.
    No watermark.
    You can sell your projects (or distribute them for free).
    Code access to gameplay related code, the code is written in C# (editor and core functionality are closed source).

You can get a free upgrade if you own ORK Okashi RPG Kit and the Menu/Shop Extension.
Please send your order/invoice numbers to

Buy EUR 80,-

All prices excluding VAT!

Also available in the Unity® Asset Store!

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Now what?

Now that you’ve downloaded ORK Framework, you are ready to start exploring ORK … but where should you start?


Download the ORK Demo Project

Take a look at the ORK Demo Project to see some of ORK’s features in action.

The demo project covers a wide variety of things you can do in ORK – battles, events, shops … and you’ll have a basic project where everything is already set up, so you can easily play around with it and see what’s what and how things work.


The tutorials will help you to learn using ORK step by step.

It’s recommended to start with the Game Tutorials to learn using ORK Framework.