ORK 2.32.0 is here with 41 new features, changes and fixes!

Head to the download page and grab the latest version or buy a copy in the Unity Asset Store!

This update adds improvements for auto animations, cursor over focusing for GUI boxes, new event nodes and other new features, changes and fixes.

This version is available for Unity 5.6Unity 2017 and Unity 2018/2019/2020. Please note that ORK’s update policy changed – you can learn more about it here.

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  • Shops
    ‘Use Add Type’ setting available. Optionally use the inventory add type of the items. E.g. shops can now stack items (with quantities) together instead of keeping them as is (e.g. in the sold stacks).
  • Combatants: Auto Animations
    ‘Own Auto Animation’ setting available. The auto animation setup can now optionally override the (also new) default auto animation settings. Previous settings will be updated automatically to keep their own custom setup.
  • Battle Settings: Combatant Settings
    ‘Default Auto Animation’ settings available. Define the default auto animation settings used by all combatants. Each combatant can optionally override these settings.
  • Battle Settings, Combatants: Auto Animations
    ‘Initial State’ setting available. Defines if the auto animation are enabled or disabled when creating a combatant.
  • Battle Settings, Combatants: Auto Animations
    ‘Use Forward Animation’, ‘Use Backward Animation’, ‘Use Left Animation’ and ‘Use Right Animation’ settings available. Optionally use different walk, run and sprint animations when the combatant moves forward, backward, left or right.
  • Turn Based Battles
    ‘Auto Start Turn’ setting available when not using ‘Multi Turns’ turn based mode. Optionally start the turn of combatants at the start of a new battle turn instead of when the combatant starts selecting actions based on the turn order.
  • Battle Range Templates: Grid Shape
    ‘Add Empty Cell’ setting available. Adding empty cells to the selected cells is now optional. E.g. use this to only allow targeting cells with combatants on them by disabling ‘Add Empty Cell’ and enabling ‘Add Occupied Cell’.
  • Battle Menus: Equipment
    ‘Add Unequip Button’ settings available. Optionally add an unequip button to battle menu equipment changes.
  • Menu Settings
    ‘Focus Cursor Over’ setting available. Optionally focus the GUI box the cursor is currently over.
  • Menu Settings: Prefab View Settings
    ‘Child Object’ setting available when using ‘Look At Prefab’. Targets a child object of the spawned prefab instead of the prefab’s root.
  • Save Game Menu: Pause Settings
    ‘Pause Settings’ available. Optionally pause the game or change the timescale while displaying save menus.
  • Text Display Settings: Bonus Display
    ‘%sn’ text code available for status value, attack/defence attribute and status effect texts. Uses the short name of the displayed content.
  • Mouse/Touch Controls
    ‘Pressed Ignore Cursor Over’ setting available in all ‘Mouse/Touch Control’ settings. Ignores the mouse cursor being over a GUI box blocking mouse control input while the control is already in use (i.e. pressed).
  • Event System: Call Main Menu
    ‘Call Main Menu’ node available in ‘Game > Menu’ nodes. Calls the main menu (‘menus > Main Menu’). Please note that the main menu shouldn’t be called during a running game.
  • Event System: Close Main Menu
    ‘Close Main Menu’ node available in ‘Game > Menu’ nodes. Closes the main menu (‘menus > Main Menu’) without using any of the options.
  • Event System: Change Equipment
    ‘First Available Part’ setting available. Uses the first equipment part that’s available and can be used.
  • Event System: Change Ability Use Level
    ‘Change Ability Use Level’ node available in ‘Combatant > Ability’ nodes. Changes the use level of an ability, either stored in selected data or from a combatant.
  • Event System: Check Equip Durability
    ‘Is Max’ setting available. Optionally check if the equipment’s durability is at max value (or above) instead of checking for specific values.
  • Event System: Check Equip Status Value
    ‘Store Matching’ settings available. Optionally store the matching equipment into selected data.


  • Game Controls: Player Controls: Button
    The ‘First Person’ setting has been changed to ‘First Person/Strafing’ setting. You can now use this for 3rd person cameras, enabling ‘Use Camera Direction’ will allow to turn by rotating the camera view.
  • Combatants: Auto Animations
    Only combatants that have auto animations enabled can turn them on/off via the event system.
  • Prefab View Portraits
    ‘Own Child Object’ setting available. The child object setting of individual prefab view portraits is now optional, otherwise using the default child object target of the prefab view settings. Previous settings will be updated automatically, using a custom child object in case one is defined.
  • Event System: Use Battle Action
    The ‘Change Member’ action can now use ‘Set Target’ to set the combatant that’s changed with the user.
  • Mouse/Touch Controls
    Input blocked due to cursor being over a GUI box no longer causes all changes since the last valid input to be used at once.
  • Animations: Mecanim
    The ‘Animation Clip’ duration type will now multiply the clip’s duration with the animator’s speed to get the actual animation duration.
  • Text Codes
    The ‘X Offset’ text code now works in ‘Center’ and ‘Right’ text alignment without resetting the line’s alignment to ‘Left’.


  • Game Controls: Player Controls: Top Down 2D
    Fixed an issue where the player didn’t stop moving when the control was disabled during movement.
  • Game Controls: Camera Controls: Top Down Border
    Fixed an issue where panning vertically in ‘XY’ horizontal plane mode didn’t work.
  • Shops
    Fixed an issue where limited quantity combatants, abilities and quests where not removed from the shop after purchase.
  • Shops
    Fixed an issue where using an ‘Inventory Exchange’ menu screen instead of a shop layout didn’t consider limited item type selling.
  • Ability Types
    Abilities didn’t use their ability type’s damage type.
  • Menu Screens: Group
    Fixed an issue where using group size limits with hidden combatants lead to extra (unusable) empty slots in ‘Transfer’ mode.
  • Menu Screens: Group
    Fixed an issue where the back button on the 2nd group’s GUI box could cause transfers in ‘Transfer’ mode.
  • Menu Screens
    Fixed issues with ‘Sequence’ mode, e.g. unequipping in an ‘Equipment’ menu part didn’t close the equipment box.
  • Event System: Collect Battle Gains
    Fixed an issue where having ‘Wait’ enabled and ‘Show Gains’ disabled lead to the next node being executed twice.
  • Event System: Bestiary Dialogue
    Fixed an issue where having ‘Accept Next Page’ disabled still changed pages instead of closing the dialogue.
  • Event System: Check Inventory Space
    Fixed an issue where the ‘Is Full’ space check didn’t work correctly.
  • Event System: Change Max Battle Group
    Fixed an issue where reducing the size by more than 1 (i.e. more than 1 combatant leaving the battle group) caused an error.
  • Battle System
    Fixed an issue where the turn bonuses where applied twice.
  • GUI Boxes: New UI
    Fixed an issue where choices flashed shortly when a GUI box was opened.
  • Abilities, Items, Weapons, Armors: Variables
    Fixed an issue where variables could be missing when a shortcut was copied (e.g. in inventory changes) when not saving ‘All’ game variables (‘Menus > Save Game Menu’).