Use this wrapper component to move your combatants using Poly|Nav 2D.

This component allows using Poly|Nav 2D (by Paradox Notion) to move combatants in ORK Framework (e.g. using the move AI). The component functions as a wrapper between ORK Framework and Poly|Nav 2D, forwarding the destination, speed and stop commands from ORK Framework to Poly|Nav 2D.

The component is available for free, the latest version is 1.0.1.

Download Plugin

Adding the component

Before importing the component into your Unity® project, make sure you’ve got ORK Framework and Poly|Nav 2D (at least version 1.6.5) imported in it.

The component will be imported into Assets/ORK Framework/DLL/Scripts/Movement Components/, but you can move it to a different location if you want.

There are no further steps needed to make the component available in ORK Framework.

Using the component

Use these settings to use the wrapper in a Move AI (Combatants > Move AI) or the Move To Interaction settings (Base/Control > Game Controls).

  • Component Type
    Select Custom.

This will make the Poly|Nav 2D button available. Click on it to automatically fill in the needed component settings. If the button isn’t available (e.g. when using an ORK version prior to 2.10.0), use these settings.

  • Component Name
    Set to ORKPolyNav2DWrapper.
  • Speed Method Name
    Set to SetSpeed.
  • Destination Method Name
    Set to SetDestination.
  • Stop Method Name
    Set to Stop.

In case you need ORK Framework to automatically add the component for you, enable Add Component.

Please note that the wrapper component requires a PolyNavAgent component on the game object.