Add support for Ultimate Survival with this plugin.

This plugin adds support for Ultimate Survival and new event nodes. Please note that Ultimate Survival has been deprecated by it’s author.

The plugin is available for free, the latest version is 1.0.0.

Download Plugin

Adding the Plugin

Before importing the plugin into your Unity® project, make sure you’ve got ORK Framework and Ultimate Survival imported in it. You’ll need at least ORK Framework 2.14.2 and Ultimate Survival 0.1.5 to support the plugin.

The plugin will be imported into Assets/ORK Framework/Plugins/, but you can move it to a different location if you want.

Adding to ORK Framework

To add the plugin to ORK Framework, open the ORK editor and navigate to Editor > Plugins. Either add a new plugin or change an existing one (e.g. if you haven’t added a plugin yet, you can edit the default plugin).

  • Plugin Name
    Set to Ultimate Survival.
    You can also use a different name – this is only for displaying it in the ORK editor.
  • Is Script File
    Enable this setting.
  • NameSpace
    Set to ORKFramework.UltimateSurvival.

Click on Load Plugin to load the plugin with the defind settings.

  • Use Scene Load
    Enable this setting.

Ultimate Survival

The plugin offers the following settings:

  • Forward Block Player
    Enable this setting to forward ORK’s player control blocked state to Ultimate Survival.
  • Forward Block Camera
    Enable this setting to forward ORK’s player control blocked state to Ultimate Survival.
  • Show Cursor
    Enable this setting to automatically show or hide the cursor when blocking or unblocking the camera control.

Event Nodes

The plugin adds multiple new event nodes. They can be found in Game > Ultimate Survival when adding a new node.

  • US Add To Inventory
    Adds items to the Ultimate Survival inventory.
  • US Remove From Inventory
    Removes items from the Ultimate Survival inventory.
  • US Has In Inventory
    Checks if the Ultimate Survival inventory has defined items.
  • US Inventory To Variable
    Stores the quantity of a selected item found in the Ultimate Survival inventory into a float or int variable.

Interaction Forward

The Ultimate Survival ORK Interaction can be used to forward interactions from Ultimate Survival to ORK interaction components.

You can either define a specific interaction, or let the component use the first available interaction on the same game object.