15. Classes and revisiting the player

This time we’ll set up a basic class and take a look at our player again.

14. Equipment

We don’t want our hero to run around naked and fight with his fists – let’s create some fancy things to wear!

13. Items

Next thing on the list – let’s create some items … refreshing potions, some status effect stuff and books teaching abilities.

12. Abilities

Now that we have our status system and formulas, it’s time to use them in active (attacks, spells) and passive (status bonuses) abilities.

11. Formulas

After building our status system, it’s time to use it in formulas to calculate things like attack damage or hit chance.

10. Status Effects

Status effects are used to influence a combatant’s status, like poison or blindness.

09. Attributes

Attack and defence attributes are used to influence the impact of abilities and items on status values.

08. Status Values

The status system is the core of each RPG – with ORK Framework, you can create this system however you like, using status values.