50. Adding a 2nd player group member

Usually, an RPG has more than one member fighting in the group – so let’s add a 2nd member to the player group.

49. Bestiary System

The bestiary system lets the player learn about the status information of enemies upon fighting them.

48. Loot

The loot system can be used for more complex, level based item gains and special condition loot.

47. Crafting System

The crafting system allows the player to create new items by using recipes.

46. Cinematic field scene introduction

Let’s create a little cinematic introduction to the field scene.

45. Interaction HUD

Since we already have a bunch of interactions in our game, it’s time to let our player know when he can interact with something.

44. Camera events

The simple Camera Event component allows us to change the camera while the player is within a certain area of a scene.

43. Collecting items

Finding items is always a fun thing in games – we can add items to a scene using Item Collectors.

42. Changing NPC Dialogue

Talking to NPCs is a fun activity in any game – let’s take a look on how to get a little bit of variation into it.

41. Adding a shop

Winning battles brings us money, let’s create a shop to spend some money.