33. Real Time Battles

In Real Time Battles, the actions of a combatant aren’t bound to turns or a timebar. Instead, actions can be performed at any time.

32. Control Maps

Control Maps are used to bind actions (like using an ability or item) to input keys – we’ll use a control map in Real Time Battles to use the base attack without going through the battle menu.

31. Damage Dealers and Damage Zones

Beside using Calculate steps in battle events, you can also deal damage upon physical contact using Damage Dealers and Damage Zones – we’re going to use them in Real Time Battles.

30. Combatant Spawners and Move AI

This time we’ll spawn some enemies and let them hunt the player to start a battle.

29. Active Time Battles

In Active Time Battles a combatant can perform an action once his timebar has been filled.

28. Combatant Groups

Our first battle used a single combatant – creating Combatant Groups will help us save time when fighting multiple combatants.