Actions Per Turn

Give a combatant and additional action per turn by using a status effect.

Throwing a Fireball

Want an ability to just throw a fireball straight ahead? Learn how to do it in this gameplay tutorial.

Battle in a different scene

Make your battles take place in a different scene and return to your previous position after the battle using Battle Start and Battle End Events.

Doing Damage

The result of every action in a battle has to be calculated, and there are two ways to achieve this.

19. Damage and refresh flying texts

Flying texts give a visual feedback (e.g. displaying the damage of an attack) to what’s happening in a battle.

18. The first battle

We’ll take a look at turn based battles, factions and add the first battle to the game.


Factions determine if combatants are allies or enemies.

17. Enemies and Battle AI

Let’s create some enemies to fight, and their behaviour in battle, using Battle AIs.

Battle AI

The battle AI will decide the battle actions of any combatant who’s not part of the player group (or an AI controlled member of the player group).

16. Battle prep

Finally, some action! But before we can start with our first battle, let’s go over some needed battle settings first.