New spawn offset for items, equipment and currency, automatically use the nearest Battle component in random battle areas and combatant spawners and other small features, changes and fixes.

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  • Value Bars
    ‘Icon Value’ settings available when enabling ‘Use Icons’ in value bars.
    Defines the value one icon will display and if the value is in percent of the full bar.
    E.g. can be used to have one icon for the whole HP (100 %) or one icon per 10 HP.
  • Currency, Items, Weapons, Armors
    ‘Spawn Offset’ setting available.
    Optionally adds an offset to the position of the prefab spawned by an item collector.
  • Combatant Spawners, Random Battle Area
    ‘Use Nearest Battle’ setting available.
    Optionally uses the nearest game object with a ‘Battle’ component attached within a defined range.
  • Combatants
    ‘AI Controlled Player’ setting available.
    Optionally makes the player combatant AI controlled in battle, i.e. the player can’t give commands to the combatant.



  • Menu Screens
    Changing between menu screens with both using ‘Own Music’ will no longer shortly resume the previous music.
  • Battle Start Events
    Loading a new scene in a battle start event (i.e. fighting in a different scene) will place already created battle spots on the ground.
  • Battle Start Events
    Loading a new scene in a battle start event (i.e. fighting in a different scene) will trigger respawn in a combatant’s spawner to remove the remembered combatant and store it’s respawn time.
  • Player Group
    Changing the player (i.e. leader of the player group) will only spawn the new player when the old player was already spawned.



  • Saving
    Auto updating data references in prefabs and scenes when saving the project could result in an error.
  • HUDs
    Background images will now be placed correctly behind the GUI box.
  • Game Controls
    Using jump settings in ‘Button’ player controls without the combatant speed resulted in an error when jumping.
  • Menu Screens
    Calling a menu screen that has previously been opened with a removed group member from the event system will reset to the player combatant.
  • Move AIs
    Ending a battle action will no longer trigger an idle action when in waypoint mode – this resulted in selecting the next waypoint after each battle action.
  • Battle AI
    Completed bestiary entries could cause an error in some battle AI steps.