Battles Section

The Battles section contains settings related to the battle system, e.g. battle menus, battle AI, target settings.

Battle System #

The Battle System sub-section defines the battle systems that are available, as well as general battle settings.

The General Settings of this sub-section are used to define basic battle settings, e.g. the default battle system, chances and factors, ranges, etc.

You can set up different battle system types: turn based, active time, real time or phase. You can also set up different variants of these battle systems.

Learn more about battle systems in this documentation.

Battle Camera #

The Battle Camera sub-section defines how the battle camera will work.

The battle camera can automatically show focus on the current action of a battle.

Target Settings #

The Target Settings sub-section defines how target selection will be handled.

You can also set up information/confirmation dialogues for targets, showing potential changes (e.g. damage) that’ll happen.

Battle Spots #

The Battle Spots sub-section defines the battle spots that are available.

Set up the default battle positions for player, ally and enemy combatants.

Battle Texts #

The Battle Texts sub-section defines general battle informations.

Set up different battle informations and default flying texts.

Battle End #

The Battle End sub-section defines general battle end settings.

Change how battle gains are displayed and distributed at the end of a battle.

Battle AIs #

The Battle AIs sub-section defines the battle AIs that are available.

Battle AIs are used by the AI controlled combatants to select battle actions. Learn more about battle AIs in this documentation.

Action Combos #

The Action Combos sub-section defines the action combos that are available.

Action combos are used to replace actions in a sequence of actions. You need to add action combos to a combatant’s settings to be able to use them (with that combatant).

Battle Grid Settings #

The Battle Grid Settings sub-section defines the general grid battle settings.

Set up how grid battles will work, e.g. using a Square or Hexagonal grid, grid move command and more.

Battle Grid Highlights #

The Battle Grid Highlights sub-section defines the grid cell highlights that will be used.

Set up how grid cells are highlighted in battle grids, e.g. during move or target selections, highlighting the selected grid path, etc.

Battle Grid Cell Types #

The Battle Grid Cell Types sub-section defines the grid cell types that are available.

Battle grid cell types are used by battle grids to define the individual cells of the grid.

Battle Grid Formations #

The Battle Grid Formations sub-section defines the grid formations that are available.

Battle grid formations are used in grid battles to move or place combatants in formation positions.